Container Services s.r.o.


Competent, flexible and straightforward

Container services s.r.o. makes no empty service promises, but instead provides effective and long-term solutions to customer’s problems with commercial integrity. Container services s.r.o. service concept provides support in all areas, from the supply of particular replacement parts, through to installation and to shortening your travel time. Every one of our employees from the sales staff to the accountants are working to help customers achieve their goals. Quality and service know no limits at Container services s.r.o., from advice and delivery to return and resale.

Replacement parts

Container services s.r.o. works in sync with its customers. In the sales and service depots, we stock replacement parts from the previous 10 years in addition to tomorrow’s technology. This is the response to your request for the most effective solution as and when required. Even the highest value machines are not spared a comprehensive service. With our replacement parts we provide this service quickly reliably and without complication from a single source. At Container services s.r.o., a refined network of logistics and technicians is in operation. We ensure that you stay operational day-to-day and that your machine always receives the very best and up-to-date servicing.

Please use our easy-to-complete replacement parts request form to request a quotation, or order replacement parts directly from our head office.